Meet Andrew Zwicker
Entrepreneur, Big Thinker and Story Teller at heart.

As an innovative, young entrepreneur, Andrew has a unique ability to capture complex messages into engaging, motivating, fun and easy to understand stories  
AZcre8ive specialize in helping you and your business tell your story. Andrew Zwicker and his team specialize in exceptional story telling through public speaking, podcast production, content marketing and communication strategy.

AZcre8ive is a full service podcast production company specializing in creating, producing and hosting branded podcast series and audio content for companies like yours.

You Can Do That Here! is AZcre8ive’s flagship podcast, created for the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology. The podcast is a weekly series of candid conversations with some of the most innovative and successful entrepreneurs in The Kootenays.


With over 150 podcast episodes produced for clients including Economic Development organizations, private business, municipal governments and more, AZcre8ive can help tell your story and create a branded content podcast series tailored specifically to meet the goals of  your company or organization.

Cool Timeline

Jan 13

Episode 100 – Andrew Zwicker of AZcre8ive

100 EPISODES! Let’s raise a glass and celebrate 100 Episodes of the You Can Do That Here! podcast. To celebrate we recorded our first full LIVE episode with a live audience. We also flipped the seats and series producer and host Andrew Zwicker took the guest seat while Kelly Mclean took over the hosting duties...Read more

Jan 13

You Can…Or Can’t Do That Here! THE GAME SHOW

Test your Kootenay entrepreneurial knowledge in the first ever LIVE recording of the You Can...Or Can't Do That Here! The Game Show..Read more

Jan 12

Episode 99 – How to save the world with Colin Grant of FigBytes

. Colin grew up in “The Country,” in the north of Scotland, an area very much like The Kootenays. From the age of four he can recall a strong bond between himself and nature. After an injury just prior to the 1988 Calgary Olympics derailed his ski racing career, Colin put his talents towards making […]..Read more

Jan 12

Episode 98 – How to beat mosquitos with technology feat. Dirk Lewis of Morrow BioScience

Dirk Lewis is the mosquito guy. He fell into the field while searching for a summer job in high school. A quarter century later he’s moved up the ranks, taken over the company and moved it to Rossland. He’s now putting his own spin on the company expanding it’s capabilities and markets with the addition […]..Read more

Nov 29

Episode 97 – Rich Thompson of Tailored Tutors

This week we catch up with Rich Thompson, currently of Nelson, BC. Motivated to beat his sister’s academic record, and to live an entrepreneurial life, traveling the world in the progress, Rich helped start a tutoring company. 6 months in he took over the company and began the effort to move it to an online […]..Read more

Nov 22

Episode 96 – Christian Rawles, CEO of Ambler

If you could distill business down it really is as simple as having energy and passion, working hard and understanding the importance of great relationships. After following his passion into the outdoor industry, he ultimately found himself in a position to buy the company he worked for. At that moment, Christian and his business partner/wife […]..Read more

Oct 31

Episode 95 – Brent Malysh of Backroads Brewing

Have you ever had an idea that you just couldn’t shake? An idea that when it formed in your brain, it simultaneously formed in your heart and soul? An idea that you know you can run with, make money, have fun and make a whole bunch of people happy in the process? Brent Malysh of […]..Read more

“Andrew is an energetic and dynamic speaker; you can really feel his passion through his presentation.  He is a natural public speaker who I wouldn’t hesitate to hire again.”

Andrea Tubbs, BC Communications Forum

“Andrew is a forward thinker and a great collaborator.  His pesence on and off the mic is positive, thoughtful, and reliable.

Zeb Hansell, Vogimo Studio Kaslo BC

“Hi Andrew, Claire and I listen last night to the podcast, it was awesome you’ve done a great job, thanks again! Many Thanks!

Phil Gadd
Phil Gadd Business Coaching

“We had so much fun doing that interview with you – Thanks again Andrew!”

Danu da Silva – Raw Magic Chocolate

“You are really good at what you do!  Thanks!”
Alison Cutts,
Xenon Pharmaceuticals

“Hey Andrew,
Thanks for the spotlight and the final result sounds excellent. The new  format is very compelling!”

Anthony Sanna
Online Marketing Smarty Pants

“Awesome, that turned out really great!!  Thanks so much!”

Brent Malysh
Backroads Brewing

“Very fun! Thanks Andrew, I really enjoyed working with you. You are a creative guy – even my mom was impressed!”

Dirk Lewis
Morrow BioScience

“Cool! Sounds awesome! Thanks again for the opportunity Andrew 🙂 “

Lindsay Smith Agerbo, CEO

Massive Media | Change Is Good.

“Hi Andrew, That interview was so much fun! You’re obviously a total pro at this!”

Tammy Everts, SOASTA

“I didn’t know how you were going to splice that episode together, but wow what an awesome cut!!

Eddy Boxerman
Hemisphere Games

Andrew Zwicker is a talented, energetic and passionate public speaker. His energy is contagious and his audience will leave entertained, informed, and motivated.

His interactive talks have received outstanding reviews from  keynote speaches, conference openings, MC’ing events, graduation ceremonies and more.


Andrew can create  a unique presentation for your event or adapt his existing popular talks.
At present Andrew’s audiences have enjoyed his current talks:


“Buzz Builder – Networking games to add ENERGY to your event

Have you ever been to a conference or event, and immediatley after the speaker finishes everyone reaches for their phones and their heads go down?

The BIGGEST and BEST value any event or conference attendee is the interaction and, pollination with other attendees. Knowing that, the event with the most interactive and engaging networking is where attendees want to be.

The fact is most people are shy and don’t love the thought of  walking up to another person and introducing themselves. People LOVE GAMES however, and a well designed game, customized to your event can be THE KEY that unlocks your events potential, brings energy to the room, gets people engaged and interacting, and most important of all? It delivers the Biggest and BEST value to your attendees, get’s your event remembered, talked about, and brings them back.

Andrew Zwicker of AZcre8ive has been producing and hosting, customized and wildly popular and effective networking games for the past 7 years.

  LISTEN to one networking game that became a podcast episode. HEAR THE ENERGY and engagement in the crowd.

You’ve got an awesome event, now let AZcre8ive hit the energy, engagement and interaction to bring more value to your attendees.

Ideal Audience:    Any event, conference or meeting that wants to add value for their attendees.

Length:                 5 to 30 minutes, customized to fit your event

Deliverables:        Increased energy, engagement of your attendees

                             Significantly increased networking activity

                             A Get’s your event remembered and talked about




“Once upon a success – How to tell a story that sells.”

He who tells the best story, rules the world… or at least their small portion of it. This talk walks through the 8 essential steps to telling a great story, and how if you can pull them off, you can lead people wherever you ‘d like to take them. Communications professionals, entrepreneurs, marketing and sales people can all dramatically improve their game by learning and adopting these 8 steps.


Ideal Audience: Anyone looking to increase their ability to communicate their message more effectively, engage their customers           and.or staff more deeply or simply better get their message to it’s intended target. This often includes: Marketing, communications staff | Entrepreneurs / startups | Teachers | Business owners | Sales teams |Managers | Economic Development professionals


Length:             20 to 90 minutes, customized to fit your event.


Deliverables:    Learn the 8 steps to  great storytelling

                           Receive the great story builder tool

                           Workshop one of your stories with expert help

                           Improve all aspects of your communication game with simple easy to understand and use principles

                           Increase the engagement of your audience in all of your communication efforts


“More Good > Less Bad”

If there is one fundamental way of thinking we can change that will slowly ( or in some cases very quickly) make the world a better place, it is the simple understanding that even a little bit more good , is infinitely better than a lot less bad. Every single organization, business and person in the world can improve their business, their community and life in general by understanding and adopting the practice of doing a little more good, rather than trying to do a lot less bad. This has been presented to both high school students, and renewable energy entrepreneurs.


Ideal Audience:   Entrepreneurs, Business, organizations and students who actively want to do positive things, and have a positive impact on their bottom line, their environment, and surroundings, and those that wish to drive true improvement and progress.


Length:                 15 to 90 minutes, customized to fit your event

Deliverables:        Change the way you look at you, your business, or organizations actions and plans to better drive results

                               Inspiration, and motivation to make your business, life or organization a better place

                               A new frameworkdesired goals mo / mindset to help you acheive your goals more effectively

                               Valuable take-home tool to assist in your decision making moving forward


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